Help with layout, and urls

I’m looking to get my site onto hugo. Here’s the layout I’m looking for:

/   -> Home page
/ashic/blog  -> List of all RegularPages
/ashic/blog/yyyy/mm/slug -> blog post

The file layout I have is:

   - ashic
        - blog

It seems it renders a list for /ashic, but /ashic/blog, /ashic/blog/2017 etc. fails. How can I say render home page, but for all blog stuff, the url should be /ashic/blog instead of just /ashic, or just /blog?

Hi @ashic. You can create “sections” under content (like content/post) but, the permalinks setting in your config.toml is what governs the resulting structure.

For example:

   post = "/:year/:month/:day/:slug/" 

Because I want the date in my markdown file for better sorting and finding later, I just prefix the file with a YYYYMMDD string.

But so far as I know, you can’t “nest” folders in content, and it only gives you one level down, the “section” level.

@ashic, it looks like you can have content nested how you like, but, the top folder just under content is treated specially, as a “section”.

So, sorry, you can nest folders under content, but, the primary template will still be the section template, for this.

Hi Rick,
Thanks for the response. Yeah, I found that too… And tried the following:

   - blog

with a permalink:

“blog” = “/ashic/blog/:year/:month/:slug”

But the “section” page, as you say, appears under /blog, and not under /ashic/blog. I tried to name the section “ashic”, and then the list appears under /ashic, and not /ashic/blog. I was wondering if there’s some trick with that would allow me to render a page at /ashic/blog.