How to remove 'Feedback' (generated by from right sidebar?

I am using the (Analytics, User Feedback, and SEO | Docsy)


enable = true
\# The responses that the user sees after clicking "yes" (the page was helpful) or "no" (the page was not helpful).
yes = 'Glad to hear it! Please click <a href="/feedback/positive">here</a> to notify us. We appreciate it.'
no = 'Sorry to hear that. Please click <a href="/feedback/negative">here</a> let the page maintainers know.'

It creates on every page in the right sidebar an item named ‘Feedback’ which is not even working. Instead to the bottom (where the feedback buttons are) it scrolls the page to the top. How can I remove that item from the right sidebar?

hugo v0.121.2-6d5b44305eaa9d0a157946492a6f319da38de154+extended darwin/arm64 BuildDate=2024-01-05T12:21:15Z VendorInfo=brew

The ? Little imprecise at DuckDuckGo

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