How to put the content of a page into another

Hi, my problem is this one:
I need to put the content of one page into the _index at the root of a bundle, but loosing the file name is a chore to search the file. How do I say “here’s just another name for a file out there”.
I can’t just use a hard link as the front matter has to change.



I may misunderstand, but here are some notes about including a file into another:

this however {{$file := .Get 0}} {{ with .Site.GetPage $file }}{{ .Content }}{{ end }} called with {{% content "whatever-basename_of_a_page %}} is good.
However, I noticed the table of content will not take into account any headings including that way in a text. Nor will it btw, when including in a details element, be it the summary or body. too bad because I like collapsable headings.

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