Page bundle: how to include text from another file?

My use case is a multilingual site. A typical page, for the sake of example, should exist in 4 languages, contain one picture (for all languages) with a caption (translated) and an article.

I don’t want to repeat the image as a resource in “front matter” four times, so I solved that issue by creating a directory named main-image in a leaf bundle, and in the template simply .GetMatch it, as it is the only file in there, and it can have any name.

But now, what about the caption? It seems reasonable to be able to create,, etc. right there in main-image directory, and then include its content in the page. But how?

I’ve noticed in the example here:

some *.md files other than, but the page doesn’t seem to tell, how these may be used.

One option I see is to create parameters in front matter and put the captions there, but it doesn’t look terribly elegant to me.

Ahh, I’ve completely overlooked that I could create, say, caption.*.md files in the same directory, acces them with {{ with .Resources.GetMatch "caption.*" }} and then {{ .Content }}