How to pin an article?

hugo how to pin the article


I try to use this method: weight: 1


‘Pinning’ an article depends on how a theme is implemented.

You’re right in that weight will put an article at the top. But if a theme uses different ordering, then it ignores the weight.

What kind of theme are you using?

Thank you

The theme I use is: nuo

This question is a bit OT and too generic, since “pinning an article” can be done in a number of ways.

I suggest that you open a GitHub issue in the theme repo of hugo-nuo with a feature request.

In GitHub, there is no answer; the answer using Google search is invalid, so I have to ask here, I hope to find the simplest answer

I don’t think this theme supports pinning articles.

So bring this feature to the theme, you’d start by modifying the order posts are displayed on the front page

Thank you! How to add this feature?

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