Sticky posts


I did a search for this and couldn’t find anything relating to this, so thought I would create a request/post for this.

Is there a way to make posts sticky? By which I mean that these posts show up on top of the list no matter what!
I am still relatively new to Hugo and just started learning Go.
So, am not sure if this feature exists or no. If it does my sincere apologies and would be grateful if you could point me to a documentation.


Welcome to Hugo. You could probably do this with weight, if you want to do it in the same list.

In other words, to set it as featured, simply set the weight. If there is none, it will by default be sorted by date.

I split my template out into the “most fresh” item, versus “still fresh” items, so that the most fresh one could be featured. See top page of .

Thank you @Rick

Sure. please let us see what you create!