How to mirror the on-line documentation for off-line reading?

Hi all,

I would like to be able to read Hugo documentation off-line, and even generate an ePub for it. wget fails to mirror it:

wget -m -np -k -p --limit-rate=30k -owgetlog

The wget log file does not show usefull information.

Is there some place to get it please?

Then view it with hugo server.


The wget looks right except isn’t it:

 -o wgetlog

… with a space after the o?

This worked at least, but it’s not just the docs, rather everything because I took away the “no parent” flag:

wget -m -k -p -E -o wgetlog

Size is about 59Mb in total.

That said, doing as @bep suggests is more meta for sure.

Cloning and building the site locally is beneficial is another way: better indexing.

I noticed as I have been cloning random sites to answer support questions, those repos content directories get indexed, which provide better results than indexing HTML documents.

Cloning the Hugo docs will give you better local search (in Ubuntu, maybe it doesn’t matter elsewhere). :slight_smile:

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