How to migrate themes

I have a site that was started under the 0.40 Hugo versions and want to change its theme. However, when I install new themes and change the theme value in config.toml to the new one, it never seems to work. Most notably, the home page doesn’t show posts. Is there a recommended way to migrate themes or is the best way to start fresh and migrate the content manually?

Well, maybe one can help you if one would have information about the “new” theme and your existing content structure. Without this information, all I can say is that sometimes themes define content differently. Like posts instead of post and blog or blogs or articles as the directory where posts for the homepage reside. Or a completely different homepage that is configured via data files.

Thank you for you reply. I am not 100% sold on which theme to move to but I’m on hyde-hyde and considering moving to pixyll.

My current structure is as follows. I hope this renders well.

├── archetypes
├── content
│   ├── about
│   └── posts
├── resources
│   └── _gen
│       ├── assets
│       │   └── scss
│       │       └── scss
│       └── images
├── static

Previewing the site locally does show tags in posts being picked up and a tags page is created. Clicking the tag lists the posts properly, but clicking a post from there is giving a 404.