How to make Hugo work with images any better?

So has there been any updates to make Hugo work with images any better? I find this whole process in writing shortcode layouts just to keep my images together ridiculous.

You should start a new thread for your problem statement. FWIW contents+images together work fine on my sites without any “shortcode layouts”. As I mentioned earlier, I only needed to patch the figure shortcode.

Here’s a very recent example:

From the Markdown example above:

{{< figure src="nested-boxes.svg" caption="Figure 1: PlantUML generated figure showing nested boxes" >}}
  • The nested-boxes.svg is in the same directory as the leaf bundle directory containing
  • I am not doing anything special in the single.html (layout file) to handle that image (that’s along with the content).

It is not good practice to add questions to very old threads, so I moved your post and the reply below, to a new thread.

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