How to List Recent Articles on Homepage and Taxonomy Pages

I’m using the blowfish theme and I am trying to display a list of articles on my homepage as well as on one of my taxonomy pages:

This is the structure of my content folder:


And in config/_default/params.toml:

  layout = "background" 
  homepageImage = "blowfish_banner.png" # used in: hero, and card
  showRecent = true
  showRecentItems = 6
  showMoreLink = true
  showMoreLinkDest = "blog"
  cardView = true
  cardViewScreenWidth = false
  layoutBackgroundBlur = true # only used when layout equals background

For this, I created config/_default/taxonomies.toml:

tuto = "tuto"
blog = "blog"

And this is content/

title: "Welcome to Blowfish! 🎉"
description: "This page was built using the Blowfish theme for Hugo."

Hello World

{{< article link="/my-awesome-article" >}}

I also created config/_default/taxonomies.toml:

tuto = "tuto"
blog = "blog"

And I indeed have pages at the URLs

However, I do not see any articles. Here is the front matter of one of my articles:

title: "Mon Super Article Wilou"
description: "This is a demo of adding content to the homepage."
date: 2021-03-17
categories: ["blog", "tuto"]
showHero: true
draft: false

My question is:
How can I display a list of recent articles on my homepage?

And how can I display articles that belong to the ‘blog’ taxonomy on my blog page, and similarly for those belonging to the ‘tuto’ taxonomy?

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