How to display the terms of the taxonomy on the other pages?

A develop the first site on hugo, and i get the first problem, the reason i can’t find in documentation.

I create the taxonomies in config.toml.

  drinks = "bibite"

And i want to disply them in other pages.

In the markdown file of the type post drinks, that i create


in the header i write

title: "Aperol"
date: 2020-03-02T15:31:41+02:00
image: i/categories/bibite.jpg
drinks: ["grappe-distillati-e-liquori"]
draft: true

And after that, i on to display the list of the taxonomies terms on the home page, like in documentation.


But i get nothing.



Please share complete projects to download and troubleshoot your issues.

In your case, that front matter has draft: true, which would make it not show up anywhere. I don’t know if that is your issue, but I’d start there.

Thanks, that you connect to help me.
I resolve the problem.
I must to add the taxanomy category, but i add the posts drink, and the taxanomy the drink too. That was the problem.

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