Add taxonomy in the index post page

Hi everyone,

I’m Naomi Lago and I’m starting my blog. I’m using Hugo and Forestry and I would like some help on how could I add taxonomy side to the posts lists?
Here’s my post page and I even write an example of how I want it. I saw that if we use https://{ourSiteURL}/categories/ or /tags we got all of our categories and tags. How could I add both in the same page?
I started using Hugo 3 days ago and I’m happy I’m learning a lot from here. Hope I can get through this as well : )

Thanks in advance,
Naomi Lago

Oh, I’m sorry…
I forgot to tell that I’m using this theme Hugo Coder Portfolio | Hugo Themes

Hello @naomilago

To list all Taxonomies on a page have a look at the example on the Hugo Docs: