How to install Hugo extended on Linux ARM

I recently switched from amd64 to ARM as my daily computer. And I really need SASS support for Hugo. How do I install Hugo extended on ARM?

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You currently need to compile it yourself.

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I installed it.

Here are the steps if someone else wants to install Hugo extended on ARM64 on Ubuntu 20.04


Compiling requires some packages.

sudo apt-get install build-essential

Also install zip and unzip because its not preinstalled on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install zip unzip

This goes without saying but make sure to have latest version of golang
I used official install docs for installing golang but there are many other ways.


From official Hugo github release pick latest release and download

wget <insert source url here>
unzip <insert zip file path>
cd <go inside the unzipped folder>
go build --tags extended

Now here is the most difficult part Do nothing until its done building. Its very frustrating because you don’t see anything in terminal and feels like something has gone wrong. If something goes wrong then it will print out the error. If nothing is happening then wait for it to finish. I made mistake by doing Ctrl+C the build and cancelling process many times.

Then you will see hugo executable file. Then move it to /usr/local/hugo_extended Then add it to the PATH same way you added golang to the PATH. See the official document for that.

Here is my output

hugo version
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.75.1/extended linux/arm64 BuildDate: unknown

Verify you have extended in the output.


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