How to host files for download?

I have written a small handful of Android applications and I make them available on a static site for those who can’t use app stores.

The old static site was a Django project that looked like a (somewhat ugly) blog. To add a new Android app, I’d spin up the admin page, upload the APK, fill in a few text fields, and save. A new ‘blog post’ would be generated through the magic of Python – this post would contain the Android app’s name, version, icon, and a QR code for ‘market://search?q=pname:’ (all extracted from the APK itself) plus the text fields for Description and Recent Changes. The post also included a download link for the APK which was stored in the media files on the Django site.

Is this the kind of thing I can do in Hugo? From reading the documentation, it would seem that I can do most of what I want to do with archetypes, once I figure out how to upload the new APKs. I don’t see any examples for that sort of thing. Help?


Instead of using an admin page, you would do it all locally, and, it should be scriptable.

You would just copy your download files somewhere under static, and have your script make the appropriate markdown file in content with the right frontmatter for your situation, then, do a “hugo server” and, publish by rsync.

Search this forum for “zsh function” and see a couple examples of how to cobble the publish step together.

Local plus rsync isn’t quite right for this project. This thing will be in a Docker container with a data volume, so I’ll probably make another Docker container to replace the admin site’s functionality.

If I can stick the APKs in the static directory, that’ll make life a lot easier. Thanks!

Sure thing. Basically “local” means wherever you’re doing the building, in my thinking. I guess it would depend on the size of the files you need to share and whatnot.