How to enable link on Parent menu item?

My menus.en.toml has:

name = "About"
pageRef = "/about"

parent = "About"
name = "About Us"
pageRef = "/about"

parent = "About"
name = "Contact Us"
pageRef = "/contact"

…which displays fine, but the parent menu item (“About”) is NOT linked to the “/about” page. How do I enable being able to click on/link the parent item in a menu?

I’ve read about 8 pages on menus, but none triggered any solutions for me. Thanks in advance!

I am unable to reproduce the problem. Try it:

git clone --single-branch -b hugo-forum-topic-50471 hugo-forum-topic-50471
cd hugo-forum-topic-50471
hugo server

This example above uses the menu template shown here:

The problem may be specific to your theme. If so you should contact the theme author for assistance.

@jmooring - THANKS! Your example works fine for me too. I’m working on the HugoPlate template/theme, so will investigate further - now that I know its not a default for Hugo itself.

Much appreciated, especially the rapid response!

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