Page a child of multiple parent menus?

Hello - something I observed. I have a page that I have linked in a menu:

    Name: My Page
    Weight: 30
    Identifier: mypage
    Url: /mypage
    Parent: sometopic

But the page is relevant also to another parent, say othertopic, so I added a link to the page, under that topic, in the same menu, via config.toml.

    name = "My Page"
    identifier = "mypage2"
    weight = 30
    url = "/mypage"
    parent = "othertopic"

My side menu then has the “My Page” link under two parents:

Some Topic
    My Page
Other Topic
    My Page

When I click the link under “Other Topic”, the page seems to jump from there to “Some Topic”. It’s a little disconcerting to users.

I suspect this is just the design, but, can anything be done to make the menu stay put where it gets clicked?