Menu URL question

Hello, I have this in config.toml:

# Menus
  # Navbar
       name    = "Goals"
       url     = "goals"
       weight  = 1
       name    = "Achievements"
       url     = "achievements"
       weight  = 2
       name    = "Contact"
       url     = "#contact"
       weight  = 3

I would like the contact page to point to #contact instead of an absolute URL /contact but let the other ones point to absolute URLs. How can I do that in config.toml? Thank you!

url = "/#contact"
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Thank you. I appreciate your time. I did that but it doesn’t seem to work. However If I open the http://localhost/#contact page manually by typing the address in the URL bar it jumps to the contact section. Strange.


{{ range .Site.Menus.nav }}
     <li><a href="{{ .URL | absURL }}">{{ .Name }}</a></li>
{{ end }}

When removing the " | absURL " everything seems to work fine. Should I keep " absURL " when uploading to a web host?

I don’t know, I don’t know how you set up your site. Maybe. :thinking: