Theme creation: how to find the min_version rather than the current hugo version

I’m creating a theme, and currently writing the min_version in theme.toml as required.
Since I am always updating hugo to the newest version on my computer, I wonder if there’s a way to check the minimum version requirement of hugo without breaking.
Or do people just write the current hugo version on their computer for this?

Since Hugo is distributed as a binary file, you could keep older versions around for testing. However, I reckon it’s simple and safe to set your current hugo version as min_version. I wouldn’t necessarily keep bumping the min_version unless you modify your theme specifically to use new features.

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I was thinking a little more about this. I can’t see much benefit in testing a theme against old Hugo versions. I reckon anyone wanting to use your theme will be using the latest version of Hugo. Instead of aiming to support the oldest possible version, I think time is better spent ensuring themes continue to work with newer releases.

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