How to disable auto pagination

I use hugo with the theme papermod on my blog at
I have the problem that on normal desktop pc when I scroll down the posts of the second and third page show up instead of waiting for clicking on next page. On my smartphone it works normal.
Is it possible to disable this?

On your desktop PC, open a new “private” or “incognito” window, then visit your site.
Can you reproduce the behavior?

Yes its the same behavior.

I cannot reproduce the problem with Chrome or Firefox.

ok thats wierd. Because you sad this I tested with tor Browser and can also not reproduce the problem.
But my normal Browser is firefox… and there the problem is still there
maybe I have luck and the problem is only in my browser :smiley:
Ok sorry i found a addon I installed for another use case wich enables auto pagination; thanks for the hint for looking in my browser :wink:

That “add-on” should not have been active when you opened a new window in “private” mode.

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