How to create non-blog style index.html pages


I want to use Hugo to create a non-blog site.
If I understand correctly, by default the index pages generated are list-based, for blog system.
I red some posts and documentations, and I thinked that I could change this behaviour, but it didn’t work.
Here is my site’s hierarchy



hyde is the theme I used at the base
I then changed drastically the file in themes>hyde>layout>_default>list.html
it is now

{{"<!-- Debut _default/list.html -->" | safeHTML }}
{{ .Content }}
{{"<!-- Fin _default/list.html -->" | safeHTML }}

but when I publish the site, I see the “sampletext” text, but not the content of either nor

I certainly have missed something! Do you have an idea?

You have to provide a full site. No one is psychic enough to guess what your problems based on those snippets.

So, I uploaded the files here


I think that it is possible to obtain the result I want.
If someone could post a simple working example, it could point me to the right direction.

First, I put this in a temp GitHub repo because it took too long to figure out how to get this from Google Drive:

@bep Interestingly, when I run this locally, the {{.Content}} in the theme’s _default/list.html doesn’t actually render, although everything else I add to the template does render (e.g., {{range .Data.Pages}}). This is after I’ve changed content/Introduction/ to content/Introduction/

@Frederic has a section called content/Section_1. If I change that section to content/another-section instead, the content at content/another-section/ does render to the page.

I am getting nothing in the console and using dev branch on Mac.

That said, @Frederic, I’m not sure about your level of development experience, but one consideration is to not modify theme files directly, since this will keep you from keeping compatibility with future versions of the theme.

For example, instead of adding all these hacks to themes/hyde/layouts/_default/list.html, anything you write to layouts/_default/list.html will end up overriding whatever is being provided by the Hyde theme.

Also, definitely look into learning git and GitHub :smile: Google Drive is going to make this harder on you in the long run.

Hi @rdwatters, Thanks for all!

I tried to reproduce your changes to understand the problem, and didn’t succeed until I wrote the folder exactly as you did!
In fact, the capital seems to be the culprit. If I name the folders with a leading capital (Introduction), it doesn’t work. If I write (introduction), it works.

I suppose I’m the only one to have this problem? BTW I’m using a mac too.

I just used the hyde theme as a base to implement for my web site. That’s why I make changes directly in the theme files.
I’ll end up with all of the theme’s file modified.

I didn’t know how to provide the site for testing, so I tried with Google Docs.
It does annoy me to use GitHub and Git, because I work with BitBucket and Mercurial ! :disappointed:

Thanks again

Ah, I was too specific. I should have just said “please use git and a hosted git solution.” But it sounds like you’re already doing that. It’s usually just easier to share and debug in the forums from the command line. I assumed too much:)