How to create Categories lookup for Forestry.IO

One thing I slightly miss from WordPress is the ability to select from a list of existing categories/tags.

I thought I could easily fix this by using Forestry.IO as a CMS but I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall and would appreciate some help.

Forestry.IO can use the Hugo data folder as a lookup for select lists in a frontmatter template and so I thought I would be able to use Hugo’s output formats to create a JSON list of categories (and another for tags).

I have successfully done that. But of course, I didn’t think it through and output formats only create the data post build, the output file is not actually in the source data folder that Forestry.IO is actually looking in! Doh!

I can manually copy these files across of course but I wondered if anyone can think of a more automated way of creating a categories (and tags) lookup reference?

For bonus points, it would be great to have a Visual Studio Code extension that provided autocomplete for categories and tags! But that is probably hoping for too much.

I’m continuing to find Hugo the best static generator of all those I’ve tried so far (quite a few) so many thanks for all the hard work put in by everyone.

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I don’t know much about Forestry, but @chrisdmacrae and definitely do. :slight_smile:

I found a way to do this by making a “sortable list” field and making the field type a “select” based on another document’s fields.