How to create a table in HUGO?

Hi all,

Is there a specific way to create a table when creating a blog post?
I’m asking this because, for example to post a link, you use your word and the the link attached to the word inside ().
So, I’m wondering if there is a specific way to create a table? O should I just use straight HTML?
I looked in the documentation and found nothing.


@kwame What you’re actually talking about is creating a table in markdown, not necessarily in Hugo. Blackfriday, the golang markdown parser used by Hugo, supports markdown tables. I would recommend looking at Blackfriday’s documentation on Github or just Googling “creating tables in markdown” to get a better idea of the syntax.


@rdwatters excellent! That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks for the quick reply and help. I’ll make sure to add a post on this to my blog, it’s really useful info.


Depending on your editor you might find a handy plugin that helps to format your markdown tables.

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