Github style markdown

I would like to use github’s flavor of markdown along with Hugo for my website, specifically for creating tables and its handling of source code. Has this been done before? Is it possible?

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  • Hugo delegate all its markdown rendering to Blackfriday (a Go lib).
  • GitHub has some Ruby implementations to do similar
  • Hugo supports Pygments for code highlighting through a custom shortcode

There has been some discussion to map GitHub style code fences into Pygments.

Full GitHub flavor possible? Sure, everything is possible – but I believe the support has to come from outside of Hugo (library support, like Blackfriday).


Skimming the blackfriday doc, it’s not far from GitHub, at least not for the points you mention (tables and syntax highlighting) – but you would currently have to do the code styling client side.

Unless something has changed, using Github flavored markdown should work. In the past, I tested this by recreating the page.

The markdown library that Hugo uses, BlackFriday, supports various configurations, though the ability to change BlackFriday’s configuration is not currently supported in Hugo.