How to add taxonomies to theme config instead of site config?

I am making a theme for my site. I discovered that I cannot define taxonomies in a theme configuration file. Instead I have to define them in the site configuration file. But that severely limits the portability of my theme. Is there a way to associate taxonomies with a theme instead of a site?

For example, I have defined the series taxonomy for posts. That is, multiple posts can belong to a series of articles which are linked to the post. I also have a post archetype in my theme which defines the series parameter for the theme to use. So when a user imports the theme and types hugo new post/, the resulting file will have series = [] in the front matter. However filling that parameter won’t work unless the user explicitly edits their site config file by adding

    series = "series""

Is there a way to make the taxonomy available to the site just by importing the theme?

Currently no.