Taxonomies exemple

Hi everbody!
I am a new Hugo user and I have a problem with understanding the use of taxonomies. Could someone share a sample configuration?
If this is important I use Hugo v0.18.1 and liquorice theme

Hi GoodToBeUgly
Pls be more specific.
Or you can look in the Themes / Git repo for simple examples.
Maybe this Theme will help

Thank for respond! :slightly_smiling:
I would use categories and tags on my blog. I chose the theme liquorice, look in to the code, and this theme supports categories and tags. But I don’t understand configuration method. I read about using taxonomies ( but i don’t know where I should enter categories and tags, which I want to use.

Ok, I check this theme and now everything is clear:). Thanks Beny!

It’s great that you solved your problem!

What kind of example would have helped you?

Is there some way we can improve the documentation to help people if they have the same question in the future?

[quote=“GoodToBeUgly, post:3, topic:5323”]
but i don’t know where I should enter categories and tags, which I want to use.
[/quote] I think this was the core of the question.
The answer: You have to set them in the frontmatter of your pages.

You’ve only answered half the question - the where to configure the tags/categories.

The other half - the which to use, categories or tags, is really up to the creator in my opinion, as long as you’re consistent. In my view, categories look at the type of post (blog, review, tutorial, etc.) while tags relate more closely with the content (for review, that could be things like ‘marvel’, ‘film’, ‘captain america’, etc.).

Further taxonomies are necessary based on the content that you’ve got. I think it’s difficult to talk about this is in such general terms.

There’s also the missing third part of the question - your chosen theme’s support for tags, or categories.

For example, blackburn expects you to use tags. It doesn’t show categories at all.

You can change blackburn use categories by tinkering with files inside the theme/blackburn/partials/ folder, but new users don’t necessarily know how to do that. (I didn’t, when I first started evaluating / using Hugo.)

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