How to add images

Hey y’all, I am an undergrad trying to create a personal website with Hugo and have super little experience with web dev outside of just classes. How do I add an image to my site? I have my image in the static folder and tried using the markdown format in my and it cannot find it or even render it in my IDE (pycharm). Here is my structure

  • content

    • posts
  • static

    • profile.png
      Thats the md I tried using. Any help would be appreciated!

I have also tried using the shortcode but I cant figure that out either, and page bundles so any help and direct guide would be super useful!

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my code

Depending on where you placed your image, it is not surprising that the image is not rendered when viewing the page with an IDE. I suggest you create an example site and look at the structure and markdown.

The first command below may look a bit strange, but it creates a sample site with content.

hugo new theme mysite --themesDir .
cd mysite/
hugo server

The “Post 3” page contains an image.

Also, you might find this blog post useful: How to Add an Image to a Markdown Document - Den's Hub

Please share your source code.