How i can add a summary to my theme

hello im trying to add summary to my theme i tried adding this
</header> <div class="content list__excerpt post__content clearfix"> {{ .Summary | safeHTML | truncate 120 }} </div>

to list.html but it didn’t work

the theme im using :

Can you either share a link to your repository, or post the full code of what you’ve changed/overridden?

If I was wanting to change a theme made by someone else, I’d override the theme’s /themes/<theme name>/layouts/_default/list.html by putting a copy of that file into /layouts/_default/list.html and editing the copied file.

i didn’t remove anything i just added the code mentioned above to the list.html partial
here is the full file

So you’ve changed the file

in your /themes/santekno-hugo-temple folder?

I think overriding the theme is a better way to go, since that way you can pull in any improvements to the theme from the developer, without losing your changes.

But that doesn’t necessarily explain why your changes to the theme aren’t being reflected to your site. Could you link to your full site’s code?

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Hi! thank you for trying to help, i actually make it work by making the changes on the summary.html file because it was the one responsible for showing the post list on the home page , thank’s for your time again