How to add page content (custom theme)

Hello, I’m in the process of migrating my WordPress site to Hugo. I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed with the documentation, and would like to get moving quickly but am stuck currently. Anyway, what I’ve done so far is created a new theme for my site. The source code is at

The problem now is, how to add content to the About, Contact, etc., pages. I’ve tried to add an file to each of the directories but it doesn’t seem to be helping.

I’d really prefer a simple (if dirty) solution at this point, but am not averse to the idea of reading up a little more.

Thanks in advance!

1st. take a sample and play around to understand Hugo, RTFM :frowning:
2.nd look at

You don’t have layouts or themes in your sample

Sorry to hear you are overwhelmed. Unfortunately, there is not quick way to understand all the parts of Hugo. If you are looking for a quick conversion and are having issues with content, I recommend lowering your expectations for an easy conversion.

I suggest reading the, and then Requesting Help. :slight_smile: