Confused about summary layout

The theme I am working with has a summary.html layout in default.

I don’t actually need a summary, happy with signle.html - I have a page ( defined in its top stuff as on a menu ), going to that slug give me a summary - I don’t understand why, and I don’t understand how to get it to display a single, and I can’t work out from the documentation why either.

Help appreciated.

Can you point me to a repo; I would need to know where this summary.html is located in order to help you override it, but this will give you an idea:

Assuming you have themes/yourtheme/layouts/_default/summary.html with something like the following:

<div class="summary">

Just create the same file but up a level so that it’s in your project directory and remove the unwanted templating. So, using the above example, you could create a layouts/_default/summary.html and leave it blank or comment out what you don’t want, etc. This is because Hugo has a specific lookup order:

<div class="summary">

OK, now I have sorted it but don’t understand so an explanation would be good for me.

I had and in a folder called prices - so when I went to /prices I got the summary

I tried just creating a file in content and that picks up single

So obviously teh folder makes it want to use summary - but not sure of the logic.

path = themes/hugo-strata-theme
url =

You need to give me more info…

Also, I linked to the new documentation above for the template lookup order. However, you should be using and not for your index pages for content sections. This can be found in the current docs, or if you want to take a look at the upcoming docs, I’ve made a specific section in the list template page too:

Thanks, I think I started this before …

Unfortunately whilst I understand the basic heirachy, there is nothing I can see in the docs that explains why /content/prices/ picks up the summary for a single ( apart from it is a mis use … )

setting /contents/ works ( single )
/content/prices/ works (single ) but the slug is domain/prices/prices ( no good)

using /content/prices/ doesn’t work as it uses list format ( as per your document )

But there is a definite difference I’m testing on 20,6 and the summary is appearing but single is appearing on my other server ( which will be probably hugo 18 ), I assume a difference because of no longer should be used

Try content/, which should render according to single.html and output to your finished site as /prices/index.html…

Right. Here is the code in question:

As I mentioned above, has specific use in that it’s the way to add content and front matter to a list page. The docs on what constitutes a list page also might help you:

This is the way Hugo’s data model and content organization work. An content file doesn’t render according to a single.html layout because it’s not a single content page; it is a list page.

I’m also going to phone a friend and ask @digitalcraftsman for some input since he is the guru of this particular theme. Also, summary.html is a content view (hence the use of .Render). HTH.

@rdwatters already gave a good overview of why summary.html is rendered. If something is still unclear feel free to post your question(s).

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Thanks all for your input and help.