How flexible is the multilingual feature

I’m currently evaluating some CMS’s for a lean business website, and I like the lightweight approach of Hugo very much. However, offering the Web presence in German and English is crucial to me. I have skimmed through but still have two questions:

  1. Is is possible to redirect the user automatically to the domain of their language according to the Accepted-Language field in the HTTP request?
  2. Is it possible to have different language in sub-paths instead of sub-domains?

Thank you!

  1. that is not a built-in feature in Hugo, but there are ways to do that client-side (JavaScript) or from the web-server (Apache?).
  2. Sure, just set your baseURL for each site to the sub-path.
baseurl = ""

I did a client side javascript once that do conditional redirects that replaces URL pathname for a Business Catalyst multilingual site. Don’t know if it can be of any use but here it is:

See: Multilingual Site with two-pass build

Woha, really nice! Can you complete the article? Also, it looks like that with this method, you’re obliged to have all contents in all languages… That’s not exactly my use case :frowning:

No, you’re not obliged to have all contents for all languages. Each language site can have it’s own individual content

Updated documentation on Multi-Language Hugo in one tree with two pass build and non-polling watcher

Take a look at it now:

Multi-Language Hugo site

Treat each language as if it’s a blog of its own, unconcerned with other languages. Merge at build time. Branches such as layouts, themes, assets, etc. can be common to all

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