How do I set the baseURL?

I created a hugo site with the following specifics:

  • tech-feed theme
  • github to store the pages
  • hover for custom domain.

The problem was that when I navigated to my custom domain ( I saw a tech-feed generic landing page. I tried to change the baseURL in the folder config. toml, to a variety of different base urls:
baseURL = “

(I couldn’t post all the alternatives I tried because as I new user I’m limited to two links)

In all cases the configuration produces a “page not found” error.
Does anyone know how to make my site show the first page of the example site?

Your domain points to your site’s source files.
It needs to point the published files (i.e., the files created when you run hugo).

Please read this carefully:

Hi Joe,

Thank you so much for taking the time to help. I’m more confident now that I’ve got the base URL correct (thanks for clarifying what it was supposed to point to), and when I hit your link, I realized that my CNAME was on the top level, not under a folder called static. I made the changes, but it’s still not working - will have to reread the docs and try again later. Thanks again.

PS. I just reread your note and realized I may have misinterpreted. I did go to my domain on hover and replace with but that did not work.

It seems like you are guessing instead of reading the documentation.