Can't generate first pages

I just installed hugo via homebrew on a mac. I created a project and followed the directions here Content organization | Hugo


Without any additional configuration, the following will just work:

But when I do that, the only page under “posts” that gets created is index.xml. I was expecting pages to be rendered but they are not.

After some trial and error, if I create “content/post” (singular) then the md pages under there get generated as expected.

Maybe more generally, I can’t seem to get sections to work as explained Sections | Hugo

Per the docs, I shouldn’t need an file in the root sections … but again, when I create something like “content/blog/” the only thing that gets created in “public” is “blog/index.xml” … which does, in fact, contain references to all the files I’ve created … complete with link and guid. But the link value refers to a path that does not actually work. Hugo is not actually creating those posts.

Is there something I am missing?

Do you have draft set to true in the frontmatter of your post(s)?

Please share your project repository with us; it will be much easier to resolve your issue.

Here you are … let me know if you have trouble seeing this


mv content/blog/ content/blog/ 
mv content/posts/* content/post/
rmdir content/posts/

A directory with an file is a page bundle. A directory with an is a branch bundle.

The pixyll theme provides layouts for post, but the default single and section layouts (which would be used by posts (plural) are blank (I have no idea why they did this).

Also, the pixyll theme hasn’t been updated since January of 2020. That’s a long time ago. You might try starting with something like ananke instead.

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Thank you!

Switching to ananke solved everything! I will keep that in mind when browsing through the other themes.


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