How do I customise Hugo PAGES?

I’m new to Hugo and Static Site Generators in general, so I’m a bit unclear on how I can customise the pages of my Hugo site.

In my specific scenario, I’m using a template, however if I want to add pages or modify a page’s content, how would i do that? Do I customise the html files in the theme folder?


A good place to start is with Mike Dane’s tutorials.

Not unless you want to create real trouble for yourself. Instead, put Markdown files in directories under content.
Templates define how or content is integrated into a html document. So best don’ttouch them until you know what you’re doing.

And follow one of the tutorials on the net, preferably a not too old one. The Hugo documentation is ok as a reference but not a good starting point.

Thanks for that answer. One more thing, what if I want to edit the web pages that come with the theme? For example, if there’s a portfolio theme that says “my name is xyz” on the home page, how can I change that?

What theme? See Requesting Help.

I don’t know what you mean with „web pages that come with the theme“. There are no pages per se, they are all generated by running Hugo.

Most themes rely on parameters in the config file to get things like the site name.

Again: you should follow a tutorial that explains the whole story. Trying to find your way by assembling bits and pieces will probably not work.

Personally, I started without a theme because I found those too confusing at the time.