Learning to customize themes

Hi, I’m very new to Hugo and I would like to learn how to customize themes. Would you be able to give me some advice? Thanks a lot!


I was just looking for it in the current documentation, but it mostly talks about theme components now

Former docs may be of better help:

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Customizing a theme or creating would be very similar, and there’s not a lot in the docs about it. But customizing a theme also depends how the theme was put together, and if the designer did it in a way that includes easy place to make changes.

Some themes have excellent instructions on how to modify/customize them, especially when they have created easy variables and “hook” points. Two examples I’ve read through recently:

Overall, If you want to keep the basic structure, but change the display, then it’s more on the CSS side than with hugo. If the theme doesn’t provide an easy way to change some variables, then you’ll be using the browser dev tools to look at the elements you want to restyle, then overriding the theme’s CSS with your own.

If you want to customize anything more than the style (CSS), understanding how templates work is a good starting place.

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