How do I add a testimonial page to hugo-scroll theme page


Just started to use Hugo and was wondering how I could add like a testimonial page to the hugo-scroll theme, I like the theme is light and has exactly what we need for a small home business, but a testimonial section with scrolling post would make it just perfect. I have seen something similar in the universal theme, but how would I go at adding this to the hugo-scroll ?

Many thanks


Please raise an issue with the theme author:

It is a bit of a general question but I’ve tried the theme and it does do things in an interesting way, so roughly

Step 1.
Add (what the theme calls a “section”) in content/homepage/ (the theme loads each section automatically I think, look at layouts/index.html to see how)
Look at the formatting of the other sections, e.g. to get the idea of the page frontmatter required.
How you put in the content in for each testimonial is going to depend on what you choose for Step 2.

Step 2.
The theme has a partials/custom_body.html template

A partial to be overwritten by the user.
Simply place a custom_body.html into
your local /layouts/partials-directory.
Its content will appear before the closing -tag

Put any required css and js files in the static folder and load them.
e.g. Siema - Lightweight and simple carousel with no dependencies ( for a carousel might work.

Alternatively (because things like carousels are out of fashion) just do step one, enter the content as simple markdown. Style the testimonials if required with your own css.

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Thanks for the pointers @andrewd72. That was very insightful. Definitely need to dive more into what Hugo offers. Still need to figure out how to inject the custom CSS I want for the testimonials, but I hade a good poke around and I am getting there.