How do I add a carousel and images to Minimal Theme?

I need to add a carousel like that in the universal theme for the minimal home page right above the title “minimal”, how would I go about this?
Follow up question, if i needed to add a couple images in my posts on different pages, how would I do that?
I am using the the minimal theme.

I think you’re confusing a couple theme authors here. :slight_smile: Digitalcraftsman made several pretty themes, but the Minimal theme is not one of them.

You mean adding an image to Markdown? See here for an example.

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I am aware of who the author of the minimal theme author is. I just addressed the question to Digitalcraftsman since he adds clarity in his answers, and not just refer me to a link that I have already explored.:slightly_smiling_face:

Adding a carousel as in the universal theme requires some knowledge of JS and HTML. There are a ton of JS libraries that let’s add a basic carousel to a website.

The universal theme uses the owlcarousel. Download the required JS and CSS files from the project page or have a look at them in the theme repo:

Copy them into the static directory of your hugo website. Next, link them in the css and js partial of the minimal theme.

I suggest to create a new partial for the carousel and add it to the the index.html layout (aka the homepage). You can take some inspiration from the corresponding partial of the universal theme. This partial ranges over a few data files in order to generate the necessary HTML dynamically.

This should give you a good starting point.


Look here - amazing site: CSS Scripts. Tons of material, use it nearly daily.


@digitalcraftsman, Will try that. Thanks!