How can I use Hugo in conjunction with other Golang tools?

I’d like to take the hugo website one step further, or at least try to, because I’m working on adding some dynamic functionality to it. I’d prefer to avoid using NextJS in the future, therefore I looked for some Golang utilities to help extend the hugo static site. My issue is how to best integrate these technologies; I’d like to retain Hugo as the core project and simply add routing and authentication using tools like Gin from Gin-Gonic.

Is this something that has already been done?

Is Hugo simple to combine with other tools?

Should I just abandon hugo if I require something other than static content?

Thanks in advance for taking the time

I discovered other tools that leverage webassembly and other techniques to create Golang frontends, such as:


Is there anything preventing Hugo from implementing routing or token validation? Is this something I should expect with version 1?


Hugo is a standalone tool that compiles into a standalone static binary. It integrates with a set of Go libraries, but that is a fixed set of libraries. If it’s not mentioned in the documentation, then it’s not supported.

hi @bep

I was well aware of Hugo’s current capabilities. My question was, should one expect some additions in the future? similar to nextjs to add not just ssg but also the SSR and ISR possibilities since the Go libraries already exist.


Your title is not about the future. Yes, you can expect additions to Hugo in the future. What that is, time will tell.

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