How to use GO inside HUGO

Hello everyone,

I was wondering how to use some GO within HUGO, perhaps maybe within the template? Or to import it as. module and call it as a function perhaps? I am not quite sure TBH.

The issue is I need to call an http get request, but I need to pass some headers, and I am aware of the current limitations, so I thought I would just opt in to write some custom code with the net/http package. I am just unaware of how/where to place it and how to call it within the project.

I don’t code in GO, but I am a developer (Mainly Elixir) and looking at the docs, it seems fairly simple. I can get the basics running on its own, I just need some guidance on the integration.

This is my first post! :slight_smile: So far I am liking HUGO (Coming from 11ty, Gatsby, Next, Nuxt). I am just missing the features of being Ableton implement my own code when the tools are not provided

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It is not possible to use Go packages within Hugo.

Unless you fork Hugo and add the package on your own.

Oh that is bummer :frowning_face:

I do not want to fork Hugo.

Thanks for the quick reply anyways