How to use the theme at in my own site?


I like the theme powering the hugo site, which is at How do you use it in my own site?

I’ve create a new site and I’ve put the below line in the config.toml:

Theme = “Hugo Theme”

When I run “Hugo server”, I get the following error:

Error: module “Hugo Theme” not found; either add it as a Hugo Module or store it in “/Users/karthikeyans/Documents/GitHub/doc_repo/my_site/themes”.: module does not exist

And the Hugo docs themselves have a part where it is explained how install a theme:

just exchange the URL in the sample with the URL to your theme.

Thank you.

I cloned the gohugoioTheme theme into the themes and then set theme = “gohugoioTheme”.

Had to create dummy tweets related data for the home page to render, but that was easy by following Now, hugo server runs without issues and I’m able to view the generated home page.

Will work on adding more pages and see how that goes. Thanks again.

You might want to mark this as Solved. :slight_smile:

Can you clarify how you created dummy content? I also like Hugo’s theme, but I’m not sure how to fake the tweet content.