Hosting website on github pages

I created my website, a personal portfolio using PaperMod theme. It is running locally but when I try to deploy it, the workflow run is unsuccessful. Any solutions please?

Post the log and your workflow file.




It cannot find your configuration file. I suspect you do not have the entire project under source control. Please share a link to your project repository.

The repo is empty except for the workflow file.

You need to add all the files for your Hugo site to the repo.

ok sure i will try that and update. Thank you

I tried again but still was not successful in deploying.
link to repository: GitHub - Anamika457/
Any suggestions?

Use the documented GitHub Pages workflow:

This is your site, cloned, and properly served:

Ok thank you very much!

Does the the hugo.yaml file work the same for macos or do I have to make any changes?

No, they way you install Hugo, dart-sass etc. are different on macOS vs Linux.

But why do you insist on using macOS for the action?

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