Hosting static page on Hugo

my website is up and running on GitHub Pages with Hugo - I’m trying to understand how can I host some static pages (resume builder) like this which are not part of the current Hugo theme.

any help is much appreciated.

Any file/directory you put in to the static directory will be copied as is when you build your site.

This file:


will be accessible at:


Thanks @frjo - that worked like a charm
I have to create a static folder in my project root directory (all the time I was trying with the static folder that was in themes folder).

just for clarification:

the static folder in the themes folder will work, too. if it’s not working for you there must me something wrong.

So /themes/mytheme/static/myfile.html will be copied to /public/myfile.html without any further processing.
Filespathes are merged. If thers’s a duplicate the one from /static wins

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