Hosting of Hugo Sites

I don’t have any money at all to spend on Hosting for a Hugo site. Are their any services or platforms that offer free hosting of Hugp Sites?

Netlify offers free hosting with a lot of features. A tutorial for Netlify is here.

You can also publish a Hugo website on GitHub, which also doesn’t cost a thing. Here’s a tutorial on that.

And Azure also has a free web app service.

(There might be more, but I know of these ones for sure.)

By the way, while there are multiple ways to host your Hugo website for free, I don’t know of a way to get a free domain name.

So in your search I’d also look at how the standard domain names look when using Netlify, GitHub, or Azure because that may be more or less pretty than you want.

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you can use Bitballoon its free. here

simple not complicated for free hosting only static site

Also check out Gitlab Pages or Github Pages (if you use git).

Cheers all! I’ve gone with Netlify, as per @Jura