Hide menu item from menu

I used this to add menus. I added hidden: true to the _index.md of one folder but it is still showing in the menu. How to hide it from the menu?

hidden is not a pre-defined front matter variable:

Perhaps that’s something specific to your theme?

I am not using a theme. I tried this example you shared but got this error .execute of template failed: template: partials/navigation.html:4:28: executing "partials/navigation.html" at <.Pages.IsHome>: can't evaluate field Pages in type *navigation.MenuEntry I have no taxonomies defined and all folders are in the root of content content/section/abcd.md. This is a better solution if you can help me get it to work.

it works when I remove {{ else if and (not .Page.IsHome) (in .Page.Pages $currentPage) }} <li class="active"> <a href="{{ .URL }}">{{ .Name }} (active b)</a> </li>}. Impressive!

Why do you think hidden: true should work? I’m confused.

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