Help with Hero cover images

This is the creator’s site:

Here’s the github theme:

None of the sample posts have cover/hero images.

Can someone help me with a template so I can start blogging with this theme?

I’m not sure which setting to put for the hero theme in the beginning of my Markdown document.

Sorry if my terminology isn’t correct, but I think you get the idea.


  1. You can start blogging without a hero image
  2. Why not choose a theme that has this layout already
  3. You’d need to tweak single.html to allow all posts to have a hero image. /layouts/_default/single.html
  4. You’d need to know what cms if any has been set up
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Hi bershatsky, I’m the author of that theme. It’s actually very easy, I’m not doing anything special. All you have to do is add your image at the top of your Markdown file, right after the metadata like this.


Make sure you add the image file to your static/images folder.

It should just render like in the example you linked to.

It’s also important to use the <!--more--> tag to define your Summary section, as this is what will be render in the list page.

If you want to see the full blog site, you can find the code also in my GitHub account

Thanks a lot for using Papaya, any questions let me know. Thanks!