Broken cover image with "Hello-friend-ng" theme

Hi! I’m trying to set a cover image for my posts using the Hello-friend-ng theme. I’m using cover: “pic.png” as an example, but have also tried “/pic.png” and even external links to no avail.

It will look broken like this:

Params I’m using:

Cover: “pic.png”

File structure:
in Content/

I even updated the site’s _default/single.html since I read this commit, but still not working.

Sorry, I’m totally new to Hugo so I may be missing something very obvious.


You don’t need to save your photos in the content folder. Use the static directory for the same. Create a folder named img, and save your photos there.

This should be your markdown code: ![alt text](/img/pic.png)

Hope this helps!

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