Help with GitHub Pages deployment

I followed this (Host on GitHub Pages | Hugo) tutorial to publish the site on gh-pages and it works pretty good.
I’ve got a problem however, for maths to be rendered I had to modify the themes/papermod/layouts/partials/extend_head.html for it accept math.
To push these local modififcations to my repo “GitHub - MLExplora/Hugo_site” I did :

  1. Fork the official papermod repo
  2. Modify extend_head.html
  3. Add the fork to GitHub - MLExplora/Hugo_site using git submodule add
  4. Observe the site in local host (looks good)
  5. Publish the site to localhost following the tutorial
    Unfortunately, the actions fail

    More details :

    I don’t know the solution to this, anyone can help ?

But you added the submodule as “papermod” (lowercase).

You should also cleanup your submodules:

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