Help with converting simple site from Jekyll to Hugo

I have simple static company site , which I created with Jekyll. It is no blog page, it is simple static page.

Is it possible to create such simple page with Hugo?

I tried it, but i just can’t get it, how should I do it. All examples are assuming that I am creating some kind of web page with postings and lists.

I found Hugo Project and Idea great, but maybe it isn’t right tool for me?

My company’s page is all static pages.

The top page is just custom with, say, a.css:

The detail pages like this one, are just pages, using say b.css:

You can check the repo here:

OK, thank you, i would check your source.

Also check out the Agency, Artist and Creative themes here:

My old web site was in Joomla PHP.
Joomla was overkill for such a simple page, so I wanted to change it to be static page.

I must say, first i have tried to make my website with Hugo. But somehow i didn’t figure out how to do it.
Yes, I have read the docs, and tried themes from , but I just can’t find what I was looking for. I didn’t wont one page website like Agency theme.
I watched Tutorial on Udemy, but this was not helpful (it was for blog).
I really tried. :frowning:

Then I tried it with Jekyll. Installation was complicated, but then it was really simple. I just wanted to make simple static page, with templates, but without PHP, because I am only person which is changing content, and content is rarely changed. And i wanted to use Markdown, und not to insert my Content direct in HTML.

So now i will to convert my current page to Hugo, mainly because I will to learn how to make such type of webpage with Hugo. :slight_smile:

Your website is with just four pages relatively small. Most of the pages only contain text. Therefore, it’s easy to represent them with a content file written in Markdown. A static site generator like Hugo should fit your needs.

Only your contact form isn’t static. You either use a third-party service that sends you the form data as email or your write yourself a small PHP-script. Read this thread for more information.

If you can’t find the right theme your could port the current one from Joomla to Hugo.

Sorry for my bad English, maybe i wasn’t clear enough. :slightly_smiling:

My web page is now already static, but it is generated with Jekyll.
For form I am using .

I just wan’t to do same simple thing with Hugo.

Your English is fine. I only oversaw that your mentioned this in the first post.

However, if you would like to experiment with Hugo, do you’ve a specific kind of website in mind for your small project?

Maybe you find some inspiration in the showcase. Most of the sites in the showcase are blogs. But some companies and software projects used Hugo for their website or documentation.