Help with archetypes

I am trying to use archtypes and haven’t had any success yet.

My directory structure is as follows:

So I guess my question is will archetypes work in multiple levels or only top level directories?
I don’t have a problem with toplevel types.

The documentation mentions --kind but that apparently is not incorporated yet.

Thanks Jim

It’s just top level right now. You can specify both an archetype and an path though with the new command.


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Thanks Steve,

what would the command be I just tried the following with no error or no success:

hugo new -k /programming/c/


Hello Steve and JRichards.

I also have the same problem, I have read the hugo documentation about archetypes and I’m still not able to specify an archetype by command hugo new.

What is the correct parameter?

Given that you have archetypes:, and

hugo new --kind="programming" programming/c/

should work with one caveat. If the archetype files are in the theme folder, you have to specify the theme in the config file for it to pull from there.