Archetypes didn't work when content has three level directory

In my project it has three level directory just like:
I create /archetypes/ and add some content in it
but when I use hugo new /a/b/c/ is used default archetype
I tired to create /archetypes/a/b/
hugo new still use default archetype
please help

I’m not sure if Hugo supports archetypes in 3 levels of sub-directories, but you can pass the -k / --kind flag to the hugo new command.

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hugo new -k c a/b/c/

Hugo uses the upper dir / section to the archetype, Alfrede shows the way to do it

hugo new does NOT copy the complete archetype … (tryed it a longer time ago - can changed now)
Search for it here

I create posts with a script at level 3 - sample script (Windows) - will use post archetype

@echo off
@set /p id=Enter Title: 
@set temp=%DATE:.=%
@set title=%id: =_%
@set dirname=%temp:~4,4%-%temp:~2,2%-%temp:~0,2%_%title%
@set year=%temp:~4,4%
hugo new post\%year%\%dirname%\

thanks for replay
I tired use that command when I use -k/–kind/–k flag the help content is listed must use -kind flag can create but archetypes still not work.
(hugo v0.87.0-B0C541E4+extended windows/amd64 BuildDate=2021-08-03T10:57:28Z VendorInfo=gohugoio)
I think either the list directory can be customized, looks like 3 level but actually it is /content/c/
or put’s archetype to correct path example?

thanks for reply

that bat file is nice. can input title manual HAHA. thanks for that. but I tired to change archetype file name to and use that bat command even add -kind flag but the archetype still not work :frowning:
is my archetype put wrong path?

just now I found out multi-level directory makes template can’t work


if like above example hugo will use layout _default list.html to rander list html

For that you can set layout: list (or whatever layout you want) in the frontmatter, IIRC.

thanks but I abandon three-level directory back to default structure. because I’m not sure other issus for three-level directory