Archetype inheritence question

Do archetypes support sub-sections? Or you have to use --kind flag for those? In terms of automatic archetype injection when you run hugo new posts/articles/

Or if you had a posts/post-type/post-title/

I just couldn’t see a clear answer in the docs, and my tests kept failing. Ideally, I’d love to maintain auto inheritance and save the keystrokes on --kind flags. But I’d like content organization to be a level or two deeper.

Nevermind, looks like --kind is required.

@jmooring to the rescue…again.

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You can also use -k for kind.

Yeah, I was mostly just trying to avoid layers of complexity with other aspects of hugo as well, and wanted to just stick to more native behavior until I understood things a little better.

As it stands right now, it’s a lot easier to control the output on the side if all content sits at the root.

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